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How Hydrogen Peroxide Kills Bacteria

Many people have heard of the “hygiene hypothesis” — the idea that individuals who are exposed to a variety of microbes (i.e., germs) in childhood build better immunity. In fact, there is evidence that young children who have early exposure to different types of germs are less likely to develop allergies and autoimmune disorders such as hay fever, asthma, or inflammatory bowel disease. 

However, by the time you are an adult, you have already spent years being exposed to many types of bacteria and viruses. You’ve created a robust immune system that can respond to these microbes. Your immune system “remembers” viral and bacterial markers, and as soon as one of these markers shows up, your body starts making antibodies to destroy that intruder.

After people started reconnecting with each other, students returned to school, employees returning to their offices, stores and restaurants opening their doors for customers, we’re seeing a sudden spike in viral and bacterial related infections.

Here we explain How Hydrogen Peroxide Helps ammunity, we have a solution for that. Our ViTralizer evaporates a hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) solution that has the power to eliminate SARS-CoV-2, norovirus, multi-drug resistant bacteria and most of the common viral and bacterial contaminants. Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile disinfectant since it can be used in several environmental matrices: air, water, wastewater, surfaces, soil, etc. It may be used in combination with other agents increasing the disinfection times. Hydrogen peroxide is more oxidizing than chlorine and chlorine dioxide. The disinfection mechanism is based on the release of oxygen free radicals, which cause genomic damage in bacterial cells.

By having the ViTralizer at home, it can help with the cleaning and sanitization of rooms and surfaces. Using the “ViTralizer” allows you to easily sanitize and make the space far safer for you and your families. Simply fill the reservoir (about 1 qt), set the room size, push start and leave the room. The “ViTralizer” is capable of sanitizing over 17,000 cubic feet (2,125 Square Feet @ 8 ft ceilings) in one run.

Our Specially formulated Neutralizing Solution is Hydrogen Peroxide Based. When used properly it is very safe and exceptionally effective against a wide range of Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungus, making the whole office environment a cleaner and safer place for your employees. By running the ViTralizer in the morning or during shift changes and lunch breaks, you’re making your office space a virus and bacteria free space.

A great advantage of our system is its ability to sanitize significantly more of the target area than manual cleaning alone. Under tables, chairs, benches behind curtains, under beds, etc. The dry fog provides excellent coverage making it a great sanitization option for stores and restaurants. In less than an hour, people can safely return to the now sanitized area.

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