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Using H2O2 as an Indoor Disinfectant

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor has been used to disinfect a wide range of biological contaminants in hospitals and laboratories. H2O2 has attracted renewed attention due to its capabilities for inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and had found immediate use on N95 respirators, allowing their subsequent reuse, as well as potential use for decontamination of indoor spaces frequented by those who have COVID-19.

The H2O2 technology is relatively new, having been available since 1991.

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), or hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV), is gaining popularity, and we are seeing rapid expansion of its use in everything from biological safety cabinets to animal rooms. In fact, HPV is challenging formaldehyde, a widely used sterilizing agent with many associated hazards, as the sterilizing agent of choice, and you can easily find information on its use for equipment decontamination, its efficacy and material compatibility, and some of the pros and cons of HPV compared to formaldehyde.

Our usual encounters with hydrogen are with the commonly sold over-the-counter (OTC) product, which is typically a 3% aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide. The product used in vapor phase hydrogen peroxide decontamination is much more potent.

Because of the potency of the Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, most of its applications involve sterile manufacturing and/or packaging of pharmaceuticals or medical devices. Our product has been developed and designed to scale from its common applications into household and commercial civil use.

The ViTralizer has been designed to ensure maximum safety, suitable for it’s household applications. The unit is equipped with user friendly components making its operation really simple. Simply fill the reservoir (about 1 qt), set the room size, push start and leave the room. The “ViTralizer” is capable of sanitizing over 17,000 cubic feet (2,125 Square Feet @ 8 ft ceilings) in one run.

A great advantage of our system is its ability to sanitize significantly more of the target area than manual cleaning alone. Under tables, chairs, benches behind curtains, under beds, etc. The dry fog provides excellent coverage.

Our Specially formulated Neutralizing Solution is Hydrogen Peroxide Based. When used properly it is very safe and exceptionally effective against a wide range of Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungus. The “food grade” solution is tested to be compatible with all surfaces, fabrics and electronics. It will not leave a residue.

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