Cleanroom Sanitization

Cleanroom Sanitization Solution

Part of the Aseptic Enclosures Cleanroom Setup protocol is performing a final sanitization of the cleanroom clean areas, after completing all installation and personnel training processes are done. It is extremely important to perform final decontamination of all areas and surfaces before starting your regular cleanroom errands, that way be assured that you’ve successfully eliminated all affluents from the outside.

We recently started to provide the ViTralizer, a small table top Hydrogen Peroxide atomizer that can be used as often as needed to help you keep cleanrooms clean. The current market standards are to have an outside certifier come in and take care of the decontamination of the clean areas which usually costs around $1500, depending on the room size and the ductwork. The ViTralizer is a permanent solution that can be used on daily basis to bolster your cleanroom contamination control efforts.

A great advantage of our system is it’s ability sanitize significantly more of the target area than manual cleaning alone. Under tables, chairs, benches behind curtains, etc.  The dry fog provides excellent coverage. Our Specially formulated Neutralizing Solution is Hydrogen Peroxide Based. When used properly it is very safe and exceptionally effective against a wide range of  Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungus.

Better than competitive UV light systems, the “ViTralizer” provides tremendously greater coverage because it works in shadowed areas where UV cannot.  It is also compatible  many more surfaces than UV and is less expensive to purchase and operate.

The “ViTralizer”  is capable of sanitizing over 17,000 cubic feet  (2,125 Square Feet @ 8 ft ceilings) in one run. To Request further information or to request a quote or get a demo, please contact us at 800-418-9289.

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