Household Sanitization, Hydrogen Peroxide for Disinfection

The Use of Hydrogen Peroxide for Disinfection and Sterilization Applications

Hydrogen peroxide is a widely used antimicrobial chemical. It is used in both liquid and gas form for preservative, disinfection and sterilization applications. Its advantages include its potent and broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, flexibility in use, and safety profile in comparison to other microbiocides. Hydrogen peroxide has been shown to be effective against all forms of microorganisms, including dormant forms with known high resistance such as bacterial spores and protozoal cysts, and also infectious proteins such as prions depending on the specific use of the chemical. It also has advantages with regard to its toxicity and environmental profile. 

There is little to no known microbial resistance to hydrogen peroxide, making it extremely effective not only against Covid-19 on all types of surfaces, but it also kills it in the air, which can’t be said for the most common household and commercial sanitization solutions.

Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization is completely secure and environmentally friendly. During and after the sterilization process, only oxygen and water vapor is generated so that no toxic residue exists. Consumables are not explosive, inflammable or toxic.

The current coronavirus outbreak appears to be characterized by respiratory transmission and respiratory infection, although the routes of transmission and the pathophysiology of the disease have not been fully clarified yet. However, it is proven that the virus resides in the nasal and oral mucosa. That is why it’s ever important to opt-in for the most effective surface and air sanitization solution. The CDC has released a study that proves that a hydrogen peroxide solution of a concentration as little as 0.5% efficiently inactivates coronaviruses (e.g. SARS, MERS) on inanimate surfaces within 1 min, and deactivates all airborne particulates within 5 mins of initial H2O2 exposure. That is why we strongly believe that our ViTralizer can help tackle the spread in the community.

The ViTralizer has been designed to ensure maximum safety, suitable for it’s commercial or household applications. The unit is equipped with user friendly components making its operation really simple. Simply  fill the reservoir (about 1 qt), set the room size, push start and leave the room.  The “ViTralizer”  is capable of sanitizing over 17,000 cubic feet  (2,125 Square Feet @ 8 ft ceilings) in one run. 

In less than an hour, people can safely return to the now sanitized area.  If you need more space covered, just move the machine to a different location and run it again. 

It’s that easy.

To request before and after Micro laboratory testing results, please call 800-418-9289.

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